It would be great to have a discussion about this.

My answer: No, never, at no time, forget it, not on your Nelly..... what, are you mad? Etc. I'm of the opinion that you are managed by someone who fully believes in yours (and their) abilities. They believe in you so strongly in fact, that they're convinced they will get you work and therefore earn themselves money from it. Hence they get paid when you do, simple.

So is it finally happening? The Indie uprise we've heard about for so many years? The seismic shift in the music industry? Don't know what I'm talking about? OK, read on.

Stormzy may be a new name to some people reading this, but to others, we've watched his career with interest and in my case, with an amount of excitement. You see, Stormzy has been doing it for himself, making some bold decisions and turning a lot of heads.

Well, I've decided to do a blog.

I get a lot of questions from people and clients about the music industry, studios, software, production, songwriting and music itself and though I don't ever claim to be the fount of all knowledge on any of these subjects, it's clear from these questions and the fact that I have AN answer (there's not necessarily a right or wrong in answer with a lot of these things), then maybe what I have to say or give is worthwhile.